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Nutritional, balanced meals delivered right to your door. Our highly skilled chefs work one on one with coaches and trainers to provide meals that are full of nutrition and flavour, with your fitness goals at the forefront.

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Introducing Allo Protein Powder for Coffee – a 10g hydrolyzed whey protein powder that mixes deliciously in your hot coffee, espresso, tea, or hot matcha. Sugar-free, gluten-free, clump-free, and only 50 calories – you really can’t go wrong. Get that protein boost and add a delicate hint of flavor to your favorite brew.


Meals Ready to Eat.

We offer an assortment of meals to suit all needs and tastes, outlining flavour profiles and nutrional values for each meal. Whether your coach or trainer has laid out your dietary guidelines, or you just need a few ready to eat meals to fill in the gaps, we have you covered.

Locally and Sustainably Sourced.

Only the highest quality and freshest ingredients are used in every meal. We source all of our products from local suppliers and opt for sustainable food products where possible.